DFS-2 Turbine Flow Meter DFS-2W Disposable Turbine Flow Meter


DigiFlow Systems offers a unique range of electronic flow sensors for low flow liquid applications to 1.2 GPM (4.5 LPM).

The DigiFlow DFS flow meters provide low flow sensing capabilities in a wide range of end-user and OEM applications. Utilizing a rotor which generates a digital signal using an infrared beam, the DigiFlow concept offers high accuracy, low cost, and a flexible design to meet customer requirements. In either monitoring or flow-controlled applications, the DFS series flow meters can measure flow rates and total quantities.

The DFS flow meters can monitor flow rates and/or total quantities when connected to a basic counter. In conjunction with a stand-alone controller or interfaced with process control or general purpose computers, the DFS is an integral part of flow-controlled processes. In OEM applications or in end-use, including those requiring disposable components, the DFS is a key part in a systems approach to a wide range of monitoring and controlling applications, including:

Additive injection in chemical processes
Medical / pharmaceutical equipment
Dosing of chemicals into main stream flows for agricultural, water treatment, and other requirements
Monitoring / controlling fuel flows
Beverage dispensing
Monitoring pulse feed pump flows

DFS-2 & DFS-2W

The DigiFlow DFS-2 & DFS-2W flow sensors are the same in function and wetted materials, however, the DFS-2W has been specifically developed for use in pharmaceutical, medical, food processing, and other end-use / OEM applications requiring either interchangeable or disposable components, and for other high volume / flow unit cost applications. The basic flow meter consists of two major assemblies:

A sterilizable, interchangeable / disposable rotor assembly
A permanent, fixed electronics / mounting assembly

The flow meter design makes it an integral component of systems designed for accurate monitoring or flow control of liquids.

Clark Solutions

DigiFlow Systems is now a part of Clark Solutions. Clark Solutions has a fifty-year history of providing unique solutions to the measurement, control, and monitoring of pressure, flow, energy, and level in fluidic systems. Clark is also a major supplier of specialty pump and valve component products, as well as data acquisition products. Click on the links below for detailed technical information.


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